Month: July 2020

Designed for Couples

While our goal is to minimize your need to move while you sleep, each Octaspring® is independent and therefore reduces unwanted motion transfer in your mattress. Each partner is able to get a deep and restful sleep.

8x More Breathable

Breathable foam Octaspring® layers provide unmatched levels of comfort, support, and flexibility across your entire body for a healthy, restful sleep. Patented Octaspring® technology dynamically conforms to the contours and movements of your body resulting in restful, undisturbed sleep.

Why Dormeo?

Dormeo® is the first mattress of its kind – an innovative blend of sophistication and tranquillity, engineered to give you a balanced sleep experience. High-quality Recovery Foam™ offers luxurious comfort and pressure relief, all-foam patented breathable Octaspring® layers provide superior support and natural airflow.